Call for Papers

Sentiment Analysis

Cognitive Computing
Deep Learning
Semantics & Syntactic Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Emotion-Driven Systems
Data Mining for Ontology Matching, Instance Matching and Search
Recommender Systems Applications in Social Networks
AI Driven Sentiment Analysis
Information Retrieval and Document Analysis
Intelligent Decision Making

Deep Learning

Fog Computing
Data Analytics and Computing
Reinforcement Learning
Image Processing
Cognitive Networks
Evolutionary Computing
Genetic Algorithms
Statistical Learning Methods
Fuzzy Models
Security and Privacy Methods in Deep Learning

Big Data Analytics

Foundational Theoretical or Computational Models for Big Data
Big Data Quality Evaluation and Assurance Technologies
Artificial Intelligence for Big Data
Visualization Analytics for Big Data
Real-Time Big Data Services and Applications
Big Data Services and Applications for Healthcare
Web Intelligence
Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
Web Mining and Graph Mining
Machine Learning in Cloud Computing